Storytelling Across the World Using Visuals with Peter Barker

In this week’s episode, Peter Barker, director of Orinoco Communications, a digital communications and content creation agency that combines storytelling and strategy to give research the reach it deserves, discusses key topics of storytelling, including: How developing communications in the visual, aural, and text media are similar similar and different How his perspective and experience in one medium informs how he approaches the others

Favorite stories from his own experience crafting projects for companies such as the BBC, National Geographic, and the Discovery Channel.

Similarities and differences in working with clients in the States and in Europe

Whether the “bi-cultural” nature of the firm’s clients helps in the translation of research into compelling stories

Tips to becoming better at telling stories that make an impact

Resources Mentioned in the Episode:

Orinoco Communications

Orinoco’s Research Comms Podcast