Tech Transfer: Fueling Innovation from Campus to Commercialization with Marc Sedam

On this week’s episode, Marc Sedam, Vice President, Technology Opportunities and Venutures at New York University, discusses a range of topics related to tech transfer and commercialization of university research, including:

Some common misperceptions or blind spots that the average person has about tech transfer and the value it adds to society

Elements of his career journey so far, highlighting particularly consequential decision points and how he managed them and the skills that have been really useful in the variety of roles he’s had over the years in the tech transfer

With his involvement in tech transfer from multiple vantage points, how he thinks these varied professional perspectives inform his work

The advantages of tech transfer as a professional landing spot – which Marc refers to as a “hub” where people with all sorts of professional backgrounds converge to collaborate – and also as a launching pad to a broad spectrum of other careers

Examples of various tech transfer roles and the breadth of academic backgrounds that are suitable for performing them effectively

For listeners interested in learning more about tech transfer – perhaps to help determine whether it might be a good professional fit – how Marc recommends they explore the field in greater detail to educate themselves