Tech Transfer: Fueling Innovation from Campus to Commercialization with Marc Sedam

On this week’s episode, Marc Sedam, Vice President, Technology Opportunities and Venutures at New York University, discusses a range of topics related to tech transfer and commercialization of university research, including: Some common misperceptions or blind spots that the average person has about tech transfer and the value it adds to society Elements of his…

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Keys to Effective Translational Research with Mike Fenn, PhD

  On this episode, Mark discusses a range of translational research issues with the Director of Healthcare & Life Sciences at Harvard Innovation Labs, including: What led Mike to focus on life science virtually from the start of his professional career. From Mike’s perspective, what do all successful startups have in common, and what are…

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Seeding and Supporting Early-Stage Biotech Companies with Xontogeny CEO Chris Garabedian

  In this episode, Mark talks with Chris Garabedian, Chairman and CEO of Xontogeny, which he founded in 2016 to support multiple promising technologies from early development through clinical proof of concept. In 2017, Chris joined Perceptive Advisors to develop their Venture Fund strategy and launched the Perceptive Xontogeny Venture Fund in 2018 to support…

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