The Brain Science for Dealing with Disruption with Adriana Vela


On this week’s episode, Adriana Vela, a multiple award-winning market and technology trends expert, strategist, entrepreneur, and certified business and leadership coach, shares her insights about disruptive change and how to handle it.

For three decades, Adriana has been an ardent observer of the effects of disruptive change and paradigm shifts, studying behavior trends in both Fortune 100 companies and start-up ventures.

She has launched dozens of products, driven technology industry standards, led million-dollar initiatives, and defined new markets.

During this historic period of change, we discuss emerging paradigm shifts and behavior trends and other topics, including:

– How Adriana made transitions and thrived as an IT developer, in a corporate role, and within a research environment, and how others can learn to adapt and succeed throughout their own career journeys

– Blindspots Adriana experienced when working with research scientists in industry, and some of the “shining examples” of talented scientists who were both experts in their fields and also successful in business

– Some of the signals Adriana looks for to get clarity on emerging trends and which new developments may be just over the horizon

– How Adriana thinks the ongoing pandemic will affect science and business moving forward

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