The Long Game and “Optimizing for Interesting” with Dorie Clark

On this special episode of When Science Speaks, award-winning executive coach, leading author and international keynote speaker Dorie Clark shares insights from her just-released book, The Long Game.

– Dorie discuss ways to get “unstuck” professionally, sharing her own experiences and describing how she’s built a successful, high-impact career – and you can, too. Topics discussed include:

– The theme of reinvention throughout Dorie’s own professional journey and some of the factors that made her own transition points successful

– Strategies and techniques Dorie has found helpful in distilling her message without losing accuracy or the interest of the audience

– Dorie’s thoughts about the role of emotion – particularly when speaking about business and data-heavy topics – an environment in which many listeners find themselves

– What led Dorie to write The Long Game and the main themes and lessons readers of the book will take away from it

– How The Long Game fits in the pantheon of Dorie Clark classics along with Stand Out, Entrepreneurial You, and the others

– The types of reader personas Dorie was thinking about as she was writing – i.e., who she was writing this book for.

– How Dorie’s readers and listeners abroad – in Europe, for example – respond to and think about her themes – the fluidity of a professional career, the ability to reinvent and change course – in an educational system and professional environment that can be more rigid than in the U.S.

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