What’s Surfing Got to Do with Effective Career Development with Pedro Resende, Ph.D.

This week’s episode features Pedro Resende, Ph.D. Pedro has successfully pivoted several times in his career journey – from his Ph.D. research to 5 years as a Postdoc and Co-Principal Investigator and, most recently, in 2018, to entrepreneur, when Pedro co-founded Chaperone, the first online marketplace of personalized career development for scientists.

On this week’s episode, we discuss a range of career-related topics, such as:

Key lessons Pedro has learned as he navigated these pivots

How “Necessity is the mother of reinvention” in Pedro’s case – he’s reinvented himself in various professional environments again and again – and how Pedro has navigated his fascinating career journey so far

The mission that Chaperone is designed to achieve, the value it’s designed to deliver, and how listeners who want to learn more can get additional information

Pedro’s experience as an international student studying and working in the U.S. – far from his native Portugal – including some of the positives as well as challenges he faced and how he overcame obstacles

The thread running through Pedro’s career reflecting a favorite saying – “Good news, bad news – who knows?” and how listeners might also be able to shift – or at least incorporate elements of this attitude Pedro has adopted in their own thinking – when things don’t work out the way they’d planned

The “good, the bad, and the ugly” of starting a company and things about the lifestyle, culture, or skillset of the startup world Pedro thinks those on the outside looking in may not be aware of or prepared for

Knowledge, skills, and attributes Pedro thinks are particularly valuable for professional success gleaned from his experiences across academia, in industry, and as an entrepreneur