From Science Writer to Venture Capitalist and Biotech Startup Advisor with Steve Dickman


On this week’s episode, Mark’s guest is Steve Dickman, CEO of CBT Advisors, a strategic consultancy supporting the biotech industry. 

Topics discussed during the episode include:

  • How Steve made the transition from working at Science and at  Nature – where he founded and ran the first Nature news bureau in Germany, among other responsibilities – to thriving in the ecosystem of VCs, Private Equity, and startups
  • The obstacles Steve faced as he shifted his professional focus and how he overcame them
  • How Steve develops and delivers persuasive, impactful stories for his clients, with examples from the startup environment of stories he felt were particularly compelling
  • Steve’s advice for listeners thinking about trying to break into the startup ecosystem, and, for those already working within it, what qualities and approach Steve has found to be hallmarks or similarities of successful entrepreneurs
  • Common blindspots or areas for further development that Steve and his team frequently see in the field
  • How Steve and his firm provide feedback, particularly when a business plan, for example, may be way off the mark
  • During this period of historic uncertainty and flux, what challenges and opportunities Steve sees on the horizon, and his career advice for scientists and engineers looking to start or shift careers

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