How to Succeed in a Difficult Conversation with Jaime Cohen


On this week’s When Science Speaks podcast, I talk with Jaime Cohen, founder of The Right Words and an internationally-recognized speaker, communication coach, LinkedIn Learning author, and top LinkedIn creator, whose communication-focused content has amassed millions of views. 

We discuss how to strengthen communication skills to achieve your goals and related topics such as:

Whether someone can be articulate but not a good communicator

Common blindspots leaders experience when they communicate within the organizations they lead and how to avoid these pitfalls

Keys listeners should remember when they want to relate information or, more generally, communicate with others, via storytelling

Why video is such a powerful communication medium and what Jaime has learned about video over the years during her extensive experience using video

As a LinkedIn Learning author (Jamie’s course is “Connecting with Your Audience Using Video” and just went live on LinkedIn), how Jaime describes the course and the value it delivers

With all the communication “punch” packed by video, the popularity of Clubhouse – an audio-only platform – has exploded, and with Jaime’s large following there what Jaime thinks attracts people to Clubhouse

How Jaime developed her special expertise of helping clients navigate tough conversations such as salary negotiations while most prefer to avoid difficult interactions 

Jaime’s advice for handling such difficult types of interactions

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