Leadership Lessons with Jordan Birnbaum

On this week’s episode, Jordan Birnbaum, VP and Chief Behavioral Economist at ADP, shares nuggets of practical, powerful wisdom for leading high-performing teams.

Drawing from his unique career journey – from securities trader, to senior VP in the middle of an IPO at Juno Online Services, to owner and CEO of a multi-million-dollar media production and live event studio on Hollywood Boulevard – Jordan delivers high-impact, actionable advice during this week’s interview, including:

– How to interpret and understand motivations in human behavior within organizations

– Applying a “What’s-in-it-for-me” and “What’s-in-it-for-us” leadership model to maximize organizational performance

– Why to focus on 3 employee needs – autonomy, mastery, and relatedness – to be an effective leader

– The role of persuasion and how to use authentic, honest strategies for moving your team forward

As organizational and workplace structures are reconfigured in response to the pandemic, you won’t want to miss Jordan’s fascinating and widely applicable insights.

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