How to Excel in Leadership Roles Using Skilled Communication Strategies and Techniques with Gwen Acton, Ph.D.

On this week’s episode, Gwen Acton, Ph.D. shares insights and stories from her long career in science, communication, and leadership, including: – How even short, encouraging recognition of excellent job performance can energize and motivate your team  – Lessons about leadership she employed when she was an undergrad in college and serving as Editor-in-Chief of…

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Leadership Lessons with Jordan Birnbaum

On this week’s episode, Jordan Birnbaum, VP and Chief Behavioral Economist at ADP, shares nuggets of practical, powerful wisdom for leading high-performing teams. Drawing from his unique career journey – from securities trader, to senior VP in the middle of an IPO at Juno Online Services, to owner and CEO of a multi-million-dollar media production…

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“Living Brave” Leadership with Performance Coach Guy Bloom

In this special episode, executive coach, team effectiveness consultant, author, and podcast host Guy Bloom explains his “Living Brave” approach, talks about his new book “Living Brave Leadership” and related performance topics such as: What’s “Living Brave” leadership and how can it strengthen your own leadership muscles? How Guy went from a 4-time martial arts…

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