How to Excel in Leadership Roles Using Skilled Communication Strategies and Techniques with Gwen Acton, Ph.D.

On this week’s episode, Gwen Acton, Ph.D. shares insights and stories from her long career in science, communication, and leadership, including:

– How even short, encouraging recognition of excellent job performance can energize and motivate your team 

– Lessons about leadership she employed when she was an undergrad in college and serving as Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Pennsylvanian

– As a Biology major in college, in addition to being Editor-in-Chief, how her work in science informed her approach to communication, and how her work in communication informed her approach to science 

How to strengthen your communication skills

Her fascinating research at the Functional Genomics Program, which was related to the Human Genome Project, and what it was like to lead in that environment

Guidance she has for listeners considering a a professional transition from academia into industry